About the Pilates Mat Series Drawing Project:

Before I became a Pilates teacher, I was a visual artist. Since
teaching Pilates became the all-consuming focus in my life, I hadn't
felt any serious interest in making art; but after four years of
total immersion in teaching -- and absorbing all the knowledge I can
find about helping people get more freedom in their bodies, I looked
up to find there was a hole in my life where making art used to be.

Teaching Pilates can be just as creative and spiritually satisfying as
any drawing or sculpture-making. But when I found myself studying
those photos of Joe Pilates with a pencil in my hand, attempting to
capture the lines of his muscle engagement, his concentration and
intention, I realized I had found (one more) purpose in life. The
Pilates Mat Series Drawing Project was born.

So one by one, I am working to to produce a satisfying drawing for
each of the 34 classical Mat exercises, inspired by the photographs in
Mr. Pilates' book Return to Life (especially the beautiful edition
published by the Pilates Method Alliance). I don't know how long this
project will take, or how many versions of each image it will take,
but it gives me a lot of pleasure, and if it pleases others too, I'm
happy about that.

This is an art project driven by gratitude and love. I am paying
homage to Joseph Pilates and his genius, I am bringing something new
into the world (the humble pursuit of all visual artists), and I have
given myself a great reason to spend time studying Joe's amazing

Sarah Kotzamani (aka Sarka Zi), 2009


Progress Chart of the Project

pilates drawing series